Bishop Emeritus Warren’s life story began on November 15, 1915 in Madison,
Arkansas; he was born to the proud parents of Emerson and Lovenia Warren.  He was
the son of a sharecropper with five siblings; four brothers and one sister.  In 1936 he
married Goldie Lomack and they were blessed with thirteen (13) children, six sons and
seven daughters.  Bishop Emeritus Warren often testifies how the Lord blessed him to
be a true, faithful, devoted husband to the late Goldie Warren for sixty-six (66) years.

God called Bishop Emeritus Warren to the Ministry in 1942.  He worked a short time as
an evangelist, later answering the call to pastor the same year at Bethlehem Temple
Church in North Little Rock, Arkansas.  The church was renamed to Christ Temple
Pentecostal Church, also called “The Valmar Street Church.”  His commitment to the
community expanded with the purchase of twelve (12) lots in 1980 at 1200 Lewis
Street.  The labored vision began brick by brick with Greater Christ Temple Apostolic
Pentecostal Church.  The church was built from the ground, as a circular structure
indicating the never ending bond of church and community.  In 1943, he also became
the pastor of what is currently known as First Pentecostal Apostolic Church located in
North Little Rock, Arkansas.
Bishop Emeritus Warren has minister in various areas of the city and state.  He is well known for revitalizing 12th and Lewis
Streets and instrumental in establishing a Sanctuary to provide services to the general public.  He also established a
Community Development Center Multipurpose Facility at the same location; that is available to the public.

Bishop Emeritus Warren has labored tirelessly working for the Lord-along with building two churches without a mortgage.  He
has been a spiritual leader and a constant guiding light for many.  The Honorable Bishop Emeritus Warren is a previous
Diocesan Bishop of the Arkansas District Council 18th Episcopal District of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc., a
role in which he oversaw forty-three (43) churches.  In 1985, Bishop Emeritus Warren received an Honorary Doctorate
Degree from the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc.
Bishop Emeritus Warren has laid the foundation and planted roots for many suffragan bishops, pastors, elders, ministers,
evangelists, missionaries and parishioners, in the community surrounding the church, where he is affectionately now as
“Bishop.”  He has organized neighborhood clean-ups, feeding, offered the church as a shelter and voting precinct.  Bishop
Emeritus Warren is an approachable servant of the Lord-never dismissive or negative; always patient and kind.  Bishop
Emeritus Warren has led by example-preaching, teaching and living by the word of God.

Bishop Emeritus Warren is currently Pastor Emeritus and Advisor to both churches at the age of 95 years old.  From time to
time, he also teaches Bible Class or preaches from the Pulpit.  
Due to Bishop Warren’s exemplary leadership, on September 21,
2010 part of Lewis Street has been renamed to Bishop Warren

Subsequently, a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony/Celebration will be
conducted at 1200 Bishop Warren Drive, Little Rock, Arkansas
72204, on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 3:00 P.M.